Prespa Lake in Greece and its flowers

Traveling Journal Spread by Melinda

Image by Else10 via Flickr

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Great mullein, marsh grasses, a burnet, a seedpod, a thistle and… Surely this post may be read here, here and here.

Monday May 16, 2011

Photos – Lettuce table, strawberries, fresia, star jasmine, a tomatillo plant and the Ocotillo

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Tomatoes and more. The same post here.

Tuesday April 26, 2011

A photo of a garden and flowers in the summer

Gardener Gardening

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Here. And here.

Monday May 16, 2011

A photo with a leaf and a ladybug. Bern tourist information and… “himmuguegali” in Swiss German?

Advertisement for Great Western Railway's Niag...

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Page. Also here.

Monday May 6, 2011